Wildest of all the tempest I have ever seen!

She is the menace, she is the annihilation.

Ohh, how can I not add!! how brutally honesty gets slayed by her…

And ‘ Wit’ claims the world that it is more than an acquaintance to her.

A wild free horse she is, full of life!

A dark horse, whose strength knows where the abyss is meant to end.

A cajoler! who can move the stones to do her talking and sing her their favourite song….

Everything is beautiful, everything is glee untill that night.

Of that night when the stars let their twinkle to spark in her eyes…

And the silence got long enough to break the barred walls.

I did notice the black reins that she hides..

The reins that stops her undaunted mind and sometimes prick her soft heart.

The reins with thorns of life engraved!!

With each pull of which the abyss starts swallowing her strength which can barely get undone!

The reins that make the spark in her eyes flow out in trickles…….one by one.



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