You crept in slow very slow,
stealthily and against the soothing flow.
I heard your footsteps,
but little did I care to impede your advance and failed to stop u conquer.
I thought of me as the magnum, soon to shoo you away…
….soon to cut your vines growing in my mind.
But I was so grave wrong, wasn’t  I?
You ate me, ate me up whole.
Now “me” is more of you and less of me.
There is none to stop you and none to retrieve me back.
All I get to see is mocking faces when I tell them about you.
I run away from the crowd to be with the little of me left in me,
in the dark, silently counting every breathe, hiding from you.
But there again, you hunt me down and devour me more.
I try hard to blend into the world by holding back my tears,
Or sometimes I join the laughing league by pulling up the rawest fake smile…
“Depression”, Will you ever care to set me free in my unending exile?


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