Body Shame

imagesBehold and ponder!

Why was she shamed for her plump body?

In darkness, she was forced to weep out her anguish.

Their shrieking dig on her body ceased her self-love flowing,

and got her thoughts carried away by vanity.

Bloated and dirty she felt about her body;

She hated her soft curves, she hated herself.

Struggle after struggle, she slowly lost her sanity.

Acute were those words of shaming,

Deep were those wounds from the bladed tongue;

Stabbing over and over again with the degrading remark.

Shallow became her thoughts on beauty.

And sinking shallow became her new deep.

The slimy, toothed worms creeped all over her mind;

Etching in her mind the image of a perfect body.

Pound after pound her body shredded and so did her self-esteem.

And now they have a new name to anchor her to a new disgrace


Still she struggles her way through the thorns of shame,

Unknowingly, taking the tag of taint to her grave.



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